The main elements of competitions include:

  1. Organizer: The person creating the competition who sets its characteristics, such as:

    • A) Number of rounds: Can range from 1 to 4,  the more rounds there are, the more players can enter the competition. 
    • B) Competition start time
    • C) Participation fee: The tokens players pay to join.
    • D) Prize: The tokens awarded to the winner(s).
    • E) Automatic acceptance and immediate start: Allowing players to join without waiting for approval.
    • F) Random distribution: Seats are assigned randomly when the competition start.
    • G) Competition chat: Enables player communication during the contest.
    • H) Game speed: Players can choose from three speed options.
    • I) Start date: Competitions can start on a different date than when they were created. 
  2. Players: Anyone participating in the competition.

  3. Moderator: A Jawaker agent who reviews escalated competition complaints after the organizer action.