1- Players cannot change teams after the selection process.

2- To ensure the fairness of the event, registration will be closed for the team with the higher number of players, until the number of registered members in the two teams are approximtely the same.

 3- The event will be played between two teams only.

4- Any player can join and participate in the event, even after the event has already started.

5- Each player must gain a certain number of points as a minimum to be eligible for the prizes given.

6- The minimum number of points that each player must obtain is shown in the event's prizes box.

7- Players that meet the minimum number of required points will get the grand prize if their team wins.

8- These prizes will be distributed upon completing the event.

9- All players can participate and earn event points through events only.

10- If the two teams reach a tie, the players with the most points in each team will be considered, as the team with the players with the highest total of accumilated points wins.